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Would you like to talk about your trip? Are you interested in environmental issues? Do you like to share the uniqueness of the place where you were born, the taste of a typical product, the beauty of the sunrise and the charm of the sunset of the city in which you live and or work? Or is what you care the most about is making the problems that reduce tourist presence in your town known?

Become a reporter and participate in the citizen journalism of the Daily Slow!

You will simply need to send your posts in a .doc or .txt format to info@dailyslow.it

The editorial staff will be glad to receive your article, and after having checked its relevance with the issues dealt with by the Daily Slow, we will publish your post online complete with your name, last name and job.
But your participation does not end here! You will be able to make your opinion about the posts written by other citizen journalists known, by simply inserting your comments at the end of the article you wish to comment on: answers made by others will arrive soon!

* *

Are you a tireless traveler? Are you an expert in the green economy, green building and environment? Are you interested in food and wine or new technologies useful to tourists? Share your knowledge with our readers and become a Blogger for the Daily Slow.
One you have decided to write regularly, your profile inside the online newspaper will be created: we will use the email you indicated to open your account and the credentials will be sent to you right away. This will allow you to create ands change your posts, adding pictures to them. As soon as your posts are ready they will be read by the editorial staff for moderation.
Your participation as a blogger will be made visible at the bottom of all your posts. We will create a box for you to complete with your profile information; you will only need to enter in the section “Modify profile” and insert a short biography, your picture, and the links to your website and social profiles. We are waiting for you!

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Advance in the Daily Slow!
As citizen journalist or blogger, the Daily Slow is ready to reward your participation!
How? A step after the other, reach the highest goal: 100 published posts!

  • First level – upon reaching 15 published posts, your profile will be updated: you will have access to the editorial staff chat and internal documents. You will be able to participate more actively, by entering behind the scenes of the Daily Slow.
  • Second level – Upon reaching 25 published posts you will be entitled to your own Daily Slow email. The editorial staff will create it for you.
  • Third level – Upon reaching 35 published posts you will officially become a member of our community. We will give you the opportunity to participate in events through passes and press invitations and to become “our reporter for one day!”
  • Fourth level – Upon reaching 100 published posts, you will become a moderator: in addition to all the opportunities described above, you will be able to edit posts written by other bloggers of the Daily Slow.

To get information about the policy of our online newspaper you can read the HANDBOOK FOR BLOGGER (PDF) and the CODE of BEHAVIOR (PDF).

Propose an investigative report!
Would you like to report bad practices and waste? Cooperate with the Daily Slow and submit your investigative report. Click on the link below and fill out the form to explain the subject that you wish to make known (in about 3,000 characters). After checking on it, our editorial staff will contact you to agree on the payment for your investigative report.

Propose an investigative report!